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  • 2月 22, 2021
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Problems with the use of large planetary gear reducers (planetary gear reducers) and maintenance and repair:
First, the pipeline oil cooler leakage problem:
(1) blocking the two ends of the leaking string pipe;
(2) Re-expand the water seepage position at the mouth of the string pipe expansion and pressurized the test for confinement.
Second, oil seepage problem:
(1) The oil seepage problem at the connection between the deceleration machine in the infusion pipe and the housing, stop to the operation, re-clean the seepage site, and weld the treatment;
(2) Oil seepage problem at the joint of the housing and retighten the loose bolts.
Third, the oil pump oil pressure problem (main deceleration engine oil station original 2 blade-type double-flow oil pump after two months of use, oil pressure dropped and serious fluctuations, and then oil pressure below the lower limit, because of chain system control can not start the grinder): select, update 2 domestic oil pumps, and reconfigure the valve and pipeline lines.
Fourth, oil pump motor overload problem: due to low oil temperature, oil viscosity, resulting in increased resistance, by raising the oil temperature, eliminate the problem.
Five, bolt loosening problem (main reducer 2 ring gear and housing joint bolt loose, or even break 9, radial limit pin loose, string out shift): remove the broken bolt, re-history all high-strength joint bolts and tighten, stable limit pin.
It is recommended that when the equipment is installed and operated for one month, the joint bolts (including the foot bolts) should be tightened in a timely manner to prevent looseness in Zhuang.
Sixth, the original design reducer only installed on the return line temperature point, the requirements do not exceed 56 degrees otherwise will alarm, automatic shutdown, but can not really reflect the actual temperature of each bearing.
It is suggested that the design should consider the temperature measurement points of each key part, so as to grasp and understand the actual situation of each part, so as to solve and deal with the problem in time.
The original design did not take into account the correct use of the oil temperature heating device and the oil cooler device.
It is suggested that the design should consider that when the oil temperature is lower than 33 degrees C, the heating device should be activated and the heating should be stopped at 42 degrees C. If the temperature continues to rise to 45 degrees, turn on the cooling water, and then the oil temperature is reduced to 33 degrees, stop the cooling water; In the case of cooling water, the oil temperature continues to rise to 55 degrees automatic alarm, shutdown of this process to achieve automatic control is ideal to prevent energy waste.

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