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  • 1月 13, 2021
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In general, when installing a gear reducer, as long as the operation process is strictly followed, there will be no errors, but also to ensure the normal operation of the gearbox. If the gear reducer is found to do not meet the relevant standards and requirements after installation, it is best to identify the specific reasons for reinstallation. Here’s a little editor to tell you how to install the gearbox is standard:
Each manufacturer requires that the precision of gear reducer configuration should comply with the relevant standards, therefore, each manufacturer should be in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the configuration. For parts that have not passed the traditional process inspection department inspection, collection, reproduction, painting and other links, configuration is strictly prohibited. The combined assembly, partial assembly and assembly of the gearbox shall be carried out in accordance with the order of the assembly process and shall not cause interference in the process. If the inner tooth shaft is not installed, the bearings should be configured first.
Although every gasket is not required, the gear deceleration lever cover, the motor shaft is facing the opposite side. Before preparation, the components should be brushed clean, roller bearings must be cleaned with gasoline or cost-effective brushing agent, its core by air compression drying. There is no need to change the coordinated surface when configuring. For supporting parts, such as keys and key slots, the provision of repair contract obligations. Before putting in the roller bearings, the paint should be warmed up by 80-100 degrees C, and then the heat deformation, play a central role. The pressure should be transmitted through the inner ring of the roller bearing. When configured, install the unre copied side on the support board.
After the installation of the transmission reducer, a test run should be carried out, the test run speed should be close to the speed of the reducer reducing power, the test with abrasives and grease, the flank contact rate should meet the “procedure” standards. After the wheel reducer is qualified, the traditional process testing part copies and produces the appraisal certificate, the mechanical configuration and storage cannot be carried out without the inspection pass, and the packaging gearbox manufacturer formulates the appraisal certificate and installation notes after the molding.
All in all, there is generally nothing wrong with installing a gear reducer according to the instruction manual for the gear reducer, and I hope you will follow the relevant installation specifications.

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