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  • 1月 13, 2021
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High-speed temperature and pressure changes inside the planetary gearbox directly affect the output power of the reducer, and its long rotation also affects the life of the gearbox. The inputs and outputs of the planetary gearbox protection level use sealed bearings and seal rings, while affecting the internal temperature and pressure of the planetary gearbox.
The input speed of the planetary gearbox is limited by temperature and pressure, with a maximum rotational efficiency of 98% and a loss of 2% of the input energy due to heat. This is mainly due to friction between the sealing plate and the bearing, which increases the temperature inside the planetary gearbox. If the ambient temperature is relatively high, the internal temperature of the planetary gearbox will also increase. The internal temperature of the planet reducer directly limits the output torque and output speed.
Ways to reduce pressure in planetary gearboxes:
First, reduce the grease in the planetary gearbox, in the long-term high-speed operation conditions, may lead to excessive oil temperature, but after a period of time, the grease will move around, so that the planetary gearbox sun wheel and planetary wheel grease is insufficient, thereby reducing the high-speed carrying capacity of the reducer.
Second, the gas distribution valve can be the high-pressure gas in the planetary reducer to the planetary reducer outside, but must ensure that the gas in the reducer is safe, do not leak, and will not destroy ip65 waterproof, dust, moisture and other protection functions.
This machine is suitable for machine tools, robotic arms, precision testing equipment, printing equipment, textile machinery and equipment, automotive manufacturing, satellite communications, pharmaceutical industry, warehousing industry and other industries. If the internal pressure of the planetary gearbox is well controlled, there will be no problem with the planetary gearbox in a few years.

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