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  • 1月 24, 2021
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Planetary gearbox is a very sophisticated gear transmission mechanism, planetary wheel is one of many servo gearboxes, the following small compilation for you to analyze the planetary wheel in the processing of gear special terms.
First, the profile dressing of the planetary gearbox
Planetary gearbox profile dressing has the crown part dressing and the root part dressing two kinds, most are shaft dressing crown, the standard and gear series of different countries, the dressing amount is also different. The advantage of tooth dressing of planetary reducer is that it can reduce interference, reduce noise and extend gear life. But if the amount of dressing is too large, bad teeth will appear.
Second, the planetary gearbox drum-shaped processing and cutting end processing
The drum processing and cutting end machining of the planetary decelerator are using the dressing method of the tooth rib direction, the purpose of drum processing is to concentrate the contact with the flank in the center position of the flank, and to trim the tooth ribs to a drum-shaped state, if the drum-shaped processing is excessive, it will adversely affect the gear strength. The ends of the ribs are processed into a slightly angled angle, which achieves an approximate drum-shaped processing effect.
Third, sweep the outer diameter and angle.
When the gear is machined with a blade, the outer diameter of the planetary gear is cut by the way, which can reduce the deviation of the outer diameter, cut off the hair edges produced by the tip of the tooth, and increase the aesthetics. Cut off the top tooth angle, but not to the outer diameter, called semi-topping, JIS and DIN specifications vary. A single gear cannot transmit any power, at least two gears must be bitten to transmit power.

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